Mobile Credit Card Processing Questions-What Happens if my Phone or Tablet is Stolen?

One of the first questions our clients ask when they are being set-up with a mobile merchant account from PaymentMax is, “what happens if someone steals my phone, or one of my employee’s phones.” “Will the thief be able to access my customers sensitive credit card information?”

The answer is no! PaymentMax offers ROAMpay Mobile, PAYware mobile, and AprivaPay. All three of these mobile phone and tablet credit card processing apps have the highest level of security. There is absolutely no storage of sensitive credit card data on the mobile devices. Also, credit card information is always encrypted during transmission.

If your phone/tablet/ipad is lost or stolen simply give PaymentMax a call and we can transfer your account to your new phone or tab.

iPad Credit Card Processing Apps Do not Store Sensitive Card Data

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