Payware Mobile Now Compatible with BlackBerry and Android Devices!

VeriFone’s PAYware Mobile is a popular mobile credit card processing app among on-the-go merchants.  Previously, PAYware Mobile was only available for the iPhones, iPads, and iPods.  But now…I am excited to let our BlackBerry and Android merchants know that they can now process their customers credit cards with the PAYware Mobile App! This is still keyed-in only…but I am sure VeriFone will have an encryption sleeve available soon!

Here are the benefits of PAYware Mobile.



PAYware Mobile maps each and every transaction for its users. The app provides a longitude and latitude tag marking where a sale has occurred. This helps reduce transaction disputes, and provides excellent tracking records for future marketing efforts.



PAYware Mobile is a fully encrypted and PCI compliant. Credit card information is encrypted instantly, and remains so until it reaches the card issuer. Information is never stored on the device.



Complete Management of Fleets

PAYware Mobile allows all transactions, from all mobile devices, to be tracked, monitored, and deactivated from a remote location. The PAYware Mobile Gateway provides real-time management functions. For those business owners with a mobile fleet, this peace of mind is priceless.

Easy to Set-up and Use 

PAYware Mobile is super easy to use. The user friendly interface can have even the most novice smartphone operator processing credit cards in no time. The mobile app also has a test and demo function which allows its users to become familiar with the app before going live. PaymentMax can have mobile merchants up and running fast! Many times in less than 24 hours.

For more information on processing credit cards with PAYware Mobile, BlackBerry, Android, or another smartphone visit

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