How a Transaction Works Using Google Wallet

Google Wallet is quickly gaining momentum in the mobile payments world. Large retailers, like Jamba Juice, have already implemented Google Wallet at their point of sale terminals. Smaller retailers are intrigued and asking questions like, “How does a Google Wallet Transaction Work?”

First, let’s start with what is needed from the merchant and customer for a Google Wallet transaction to be successful



  1. To accept Google Wallet transactions, the merchant must have a contactless reader (such as MasterCard Pay Pass), or a terminal that is ISO 1443 or 18092 compliant. Look for the universal contactless symbol.
  2. Customers need Android phones with a NFC (near field communication) chip, and run Android version 2.4 (Gingerbread) or higher.
  3. Currently, Google Wallet supports Citibank MasterCard or a pre-paid Google card. No other cards are supported at this time.
And now, here is how a Google Wallet transaction works.
  1. Ring up the customer’s transaction. The terminals “credit” button may have to be pushed.
  2. Have the customer wave their mobile device over the reader. There should be a distance of about an inch between mobile device and reader.
  3. Reader will light up and beep as card is read. The cash register will show transaction being processed, just as if a physical card was being used.
  4. If the system is set up to print a receipt, a receipt is printed if the transaction was processed successfully (just as if a physical card was used).
Accepting Google Wallet payments is fun and simple to use. Getting started is even easier. Visit for more information.

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