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iPad Credit Card Reader Security

ROAMdata, the manufacturer of ROAMpay and ROAMpay Swipe, announced on their blog a few days ago that their mobile credit card reader cannot be hacked like the Square device was at the Blackhat conference. Important information for our iPad and other mobile merchants who care about their clients security.

Here is the run down.

  • ROAMpay Swipe is encrypted. This means that the card data is encrypted before it reaches the phone. The card data can only be decrypted by a secure payment server. The Square can be turned into a credit card skimmer because it lacks encryption ability.
  • ROAMpay does not recognize third-party audio signals from recorded files. The Square was demonstrated to accept a series of audio signals from a stolen credit card through the headphone jack on the device.
  • Square has no electronics which reduce read rates and processing costs. Take a look at the internal difference between ROAMpay Swipe and Square.

    No electronics equals no security


    For more information on iPad credit card processing, secure mobile processing, PaymentMax, ROAMpay, or ROAMpay swipe, visit

iPad Credit Card Reader-Fits in the Palm of Your Hands.

iPad Credit Card Reader

The iPad credit card reader is small, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand…but make no mistake, it brings big benefits!

The ID Tech UniMag is an encrypted mag stripe reader that works with mobile devices such as Apple iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Allowing mobile merchants to reap all the benefits of a swiped transaction.

Low Swiped Transaction Rates!

Lower Chargeback Risk!

Faster Transactions!

Easy, most fields are populated!

To get started swiping credit cards on the iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone visit

iPad 2 Accepting Payments-What Apple Left Out of the iPad 2

Accept Credit Cards on iPad 2

While Apple introduced the new iPad 2 yesterday with some specification upgrades, it failed to include the highly anticipated near-field communications (NFC) technology in the iPad 2.


NFC would allow users to make purchases using their mobile phone or tablet by waving it in front of a NFC embedded portable transaction device (PTD) that scans and processes payments.


These PTD’s can beam and receive information at a distance of up to 4 inches. Cool technology that will be left for future Apple generations.


Merchants can accept credit and debit cards on their iPhones and iPads using a mobile app, credit card swiper, and merchant account with PaymentMax.

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Mobile Credit Card Processing Questions-What Happens if my Phone or Tablet is Stolen?

One of the first questions our clients ask when they are being set-up with a mobile merchant account from PaymentMax is, “what happens if someone steals my phone, or one of my employee’s phones.” “Will the thief be able to access my customers sensitive credit card information?”

The answer is no! PaymentMax offers ROAMpay Mobile, PAYware mobile, and AprivaPay. All three of these mobile phone and tablet credit card processing apps have the highest level of security. There is absolutely no storage of sensitive credit card data on the mobile devices. Also, credit card information is always encrypted during transmission.

If your phone/tablet/ipad is lost or stolen simply give PaymentMax a call and we can transfer your account to your new phone or tab.

iPad Credit Card Processing Apps Do not Store Sensitive Card Data

Apple iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G,3GS Credit Card Reader/Printer

Accept Credit Cards on your iPad

Good news for business owners carrying Apple’s iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, or iPod Touch who want to physically swipe their customers credit cards, and give them a paper receipt.

Aprivapay offers a credit card reader/printer that is compatible with iPhone/iPod Touch models OS 2.x and later.

For more information on AprivaPay, or to inquire about processing rates visit


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